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CodePen.io demo

CodePen is a project by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, and Chris Coyier. This is my first very basic DEMO messing around with it using some cool technologies like HAML and SCSS and it has many other features which you can check out on the site. The project is open source on GitHub here: github.com/CodePen/… And here's a blog post by Alex Vazquez talking about CodePen.io: almostpolished.com/blog/2012/03/06/how-codepen-dot-io-was-deployed/ This project is very young, but what do you guys think? Will you start using it over others like jsFiddle, Dabblet, etc?


5 Former Design Trends That Aren’t Cool Anymore (So Stop Using Them)

Great (and short) article I found posted on Design Shack. Most of this stuff we already know, but this article came in handy today when I was talking to a client about his logo. My client designed his own logo with beveled edges and wouldn't let me update the look. So I sent him this article and was able to change his mind about his logo. Thank god! "If you’re like me, looking at your own design work from a few years ago can often result in some laughable or even cringe-worthy moments. Design styles have been steadily evolving and most of us can’t help but be affected by these changes." designshack.net/articles/graphics/5-former-design-trends-that-arent-cool-anymore-so-stop-using-them/


Pure CSS iPad-style overlay

I wanted to practise a little, so I decided to recreate the iPad's dropdown overlay using only CSS3. It works quite nicely and I'm pretty happy with the result. It works best when using Chrome or Safari on Lion, but it also works in other browsers (yes, even in IE 7). Just give it a try or look at the code. Any kind of feedback is welcome. ********* UPDATE ********* I updated the demo. It now uses two more elements, but it works on all backgrounds and you don't have to specify a colour for the CSS triangles. Also, the arrow has a drop shadow too, which makes it look even better. Take a look at the updated demo here.

Chkbrd - Login

Login screen of a web app I'm designing and developing to keep track of your school assignments, projects, tests, etc. I'm doing everything myself (design & code) so it's going fairly slow, but I'm sure it'll be a fufilling project to complete. It's being written in PHP with the Laravel framework.

Friedrich Muller Wine Store

Web UI design for the landing page of Friedrich Muller Wine Store. An E-commerce website with strong keywords, Minimalistic and Classic.


"Hello my name is _______" Portfolio Overated?

It's almost guaranteed if you look at ANY free-lancer's website their will be that typical "HELLO! MY NAME IS _________ AND I'M A ____________" followed by a cheesy one liner. I know it can sum up a lot quick, but is it over used in your opinion?


What's different about my profile then yours? ;)

I want to see who can make the best looking profile "about me" section.. As you probably already know inline css works. So go nuts, i've just spent 10 minutes playing with mine and it looks clean as hell now, better then that bulky grey font it comes with :P wooo! i love css :)

Introducing Pixelcloud

I'm excited to announce a project I'm working on called Pixelcloud. Pixelcloud is a simple tool that allows you to share, organize, and collect feedback privately from your team.