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Alessio Atzeni

Personal Portfolio

Thanks to @Bluxart for making his Brushed theme available. I quickly made use of his theme for my personal portfolio because it's clean, simple, responsive, and easy to customize. I also made use of this theme simply because I've been super busy with client work, and that's a good thing. I'm also reworking my resume and professional contacts in search for a new position as a web manager.

Camera App Icon

Here is a Camera App Icon.

Calendar -Zen UI Kit

Calendar of Zen UI kit. This is my first UI Kit. So, would love to hear comments and feedbacks. Badge set of Zen UI kit. This is my first UI Kit. So, would love to hear comments and feedbacks. Do you find it useful for your next e-commerce project ? Any suggestions on the type of font used or the looks of it ? Every thing is vector, so could be scaled to any desired size. You can get the complete set here


An illustration started long ago and will certainly never be completed.

Ta Hang Logo

"Ta Hang" in Chinese means "the great Hang". Hang dynasty is considered one of the highest point of Chinese history. That's when the physical identity of a dragon really surfaced. According to Chinese legend, a dragon as a body of a lizard, tail of a snake, head of an ox, horn of a deer, feet of an eagle, scale of a fish, and teeth of a tiger. This design is inspired by ancient Chinese jade jewelry from Hang dynasty. This client is a Laos based company that distribute instant noodles throughout Asia. They want an image that's grand and powerful. Without a doubt, a dragon would be perfect for this.

Personal Identity

Work in progress for my new logo. I've been trying for years to combine my initials "M" and "O" and this is the best thing Ive come up with so far. Thoughts? Does it read correctly? Does it stand out? Does it look too much like another logo? Is it intriguing? Will it work in positive and negative space? Suggestions for improvement?

Mini Margin : Pawn Shop Guy (Sketch)

One of the many characters from a new iOS game our team is building. He is the owner of a Pawn Shop in the game. His mood changes a lot, and runs a pretty hard bargain. If you want to see more of the characters, please don't hesitate to ask for a Snap.