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Forrst Redesign | Add Post With Rich-Text Editing

Hey Forrsters, We're still plugging away at the Forrst redesign. We've been working on creating a better posting workflow that includes rich-text editing. Now we want your feedback on how you'd use it. Take a look:

Pink Floyd Vinyl

The most fun I've had in ages! A tribute to one of my favourite albums of all time.


The task was to create minimal and memorable icon for a site where you can find and employ audio engineer to do their magic on your tracks. We took it through three or four iterations of the icon and arrived at something like this. You can sign up for the site at SoundBetter.com

Clear for Mac Wallpaper

This is my tribute to the all new Clear for Mac coming on 8th November. You can Download the Wallpaper for your Mac or iDevice on deviantART


I made this icon for practice only. This icon represents an apple store which is close to the paneau it says "Wi'll be back soon" :) iPhone Preview Have fun ! Follow me on : - Twitter. - Dribbble. - Website.

Father / Son

A poster created for a short film that was entered into the BFI Film Festival last month.


Long time without posting anything :) I've had some free time and tried to design a minimalistic twitter-like app [Chit-Chatr](http://drbl.in/fKoj). Feedback appreciated :) Be sure to check out the full-sized image for the real pixels :D

Campaign Icon

Had to create a campaign icon for an application that I'm currently working on.