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Amir Lehmam

YUI Cicles

This logo is a made up, i need some feedback and how i can improve it! ( Background not from me ). Possibly my next Dribbble shot!

New Rebrand.

There is a new rebrand for 2013. I am searching feedback how i can improve it! Photo made by me!


Photo & Logo made by me. Just a simple MadeUp logo, i am searching feedback to how improve this logo. Searching specific feedback on the ''1''

Simple Galaxy S3 vector

There is a rebound of Dominik Martin shot : http://dribbble.com/shots/923767-Simple-iPhone5-vector + I am still searching a Dribbble invite, pm me!

Atarigroupdesign UI.

There is AtariGroupDesign UI. Got inspired by: http://patterntap.com/pattern/contact-information-joint-london

Atari(Client) Logotype.

There is a new logo, will be my next project on behance.

Twitter Interface

My first Twitter Interface! Give me feedback! Full project: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Twitter-UI/6525755

Skype UI phone.

There is my second UI for skype. Feedback would be awesome!