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Alexis Sgavel

Dark video player

A small video player which I made to exercise and soon to be released as a freeebie. Some people felt that the HD button is in the wrong place but in my case I'm always looking the HD button as soon the video starts loading, easy access if you ask me. I'm not a UI/UX genius but I'm really hoping that I'm not too wrong about this.


First attempt to recreate the Google+ buttons

Last night had some free time so I decided to recreate the Google+ buttons with Compass but in a more semantic way. The hover state needs some work, but I think it looks fine. Feel free to edit and use the code as you wish

<html lang="en" class="{block:IndexPage}home {/block:IndexPage}{block:PermalinkPage}{block:Posts}regular-post {/block:Posts}{block:Posts}{PostType} {/block:Posts}{block:Posts}p_{PostId} {/block:Posts}{/block:PermalinkPage}{block:SearchPage}search-result {/block:SearchPage}">

Recreate the body_class() on Tumblr

One the thing that I really love of WordPress is the body_class(); function that help me to style my pages with CSS. Unfortunately Tumblr doesn't have such function. So I decided to recreate the body_class(); on Tumblr with the variables that Tumblr has. Open your Theme and replace the <html> tag with this: <html lang="en" class="{block:IndexPage}home {/block:IndexPage}{block:PermalinkPage}{block:Posts}regular-post {/block:Posts}{block:Posts}{PostType} {/block:Posts}{block:Posts}p_{PostId} {/block:Posts}{/block:PermalinkPage}{block:SearchPage}search-result {/block:SearchPage}"> Raw Code » Now you have total control all over your Tumblr blog. This function will give you this classes: .home {} //Rendered on the front page, pages and pagination .regular-post {} //Rendered for all post (video, audio ….) .audio {} //Rendered for Audio post .answer {} //Rendered for Answer post .link {} //Rendered for Link post .quote {} //Rendered for Quote post .video {} //Rendered for Video post .chat {} //Rendered for Chat post .p_ID {} //Rendered for a single an unique post Ex: p_1304832370 .search-result {} //Rendered for search page Raw Code »

Buttons Idea

I been working in the re-desing of my porfolio lately. I'm still trying to find the balance but I kinda like this buttons

Tentative logo

Tentative logo/navbar for my blog. I Been play around with canvas, CSS3 and Lettering.js a bit.


SASS Fancy 3D buttons

Just pushed a a very simple but powerful SASS recipe to create trendy CSS3 buttons. Demo Don't forget to check the live demo Install Install the buttons module with: @import "fancy_3d_buttons"; Raw Code » Configurable Variables f3d_button(background color, font size, font weight, line height, border radius, border top, border left) Raw Code » Mixin a.green{ @include f3d_button(#63bb4a); } a.blue{ @include f3d_button(#2992DF, 50px, bold, 1.5em, 10px, 2px, 2px); } Raw Code »


Tumblrslider.js better photosets for Tumblr

Just released this early beta jQuery plugin for Tumblr. Tumblr is a gorgeous platform but photosets kinda s+cks, this plugin takes those awful photosets and create very minmalist slideshow on the fly. First release, so bugs and feedback are expected.



Arrhythmia.js, a new take on rhythm validation