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Aen Tan

センプレート Senplate Icon

Senplate is a portmanteau of "sen" (thousand) + "plate" (template). Use it to take a picture and then decorate it with templates of frames, filters, stickers and text. Available in the Japan App Store and worldwide soon.

Mocku.ps Icon

Icon for my new web app. mocku.ps Information about the app here; forrst.com/posts/…


Mocku.ps Presentation Tool

When I present web design mockups to clients and colleagues I want to make sure they look accurate like they were in the browser. I would put them in HTML pages to take care of backgrounds and margins. I then upload the assets somewhere and then explain my design in an email. It's a major hassle and not the best way to communicate design choices. I created a tool called Mocku.ps that simplifies this process into a few clicks, with annotations for explaining the design. With the short URL it's also easy to share. You can use it at Mocku.ps. I build it for myself and I think other people can benefit too. Please give it a go and give me some feedback. Thank you!

Mutiny Identity

A rebrand I did for a publishing company based in India. I created the iden­tity with a typo­graph­i­cal struc­ture extracted and com­pounded from geo­met­ri­cal shapes. The new brand expresses the vis­i­ble – an energ­er­tic sym­me­try and the invis­ble – math­e­mat­i­cal forces between the let­ter­forms, in a way which speaks of a cutting-edge media company. I reduced the word Mutiny to its essen­tials and removed its vowels. As “MTNY”, it is very much Mutiny because no other Eng­lish word comes to mind. The ener­getic form of the word­mark is geo­met­ri­cal, con­sist­ing of straight lines that are slanted forty-five and ninety degrees. The build­ing blocks are essentially hexagons. The old logo:


Nuon is my son and he was just born three days ago. b. Photography, unless it's depicting something you designed or built "in the wild" There are already great communities (like Flickr) for photo sharing and critique. We'd like to do one thing really well — development and design discussion. Yes I designed and built Nuon with my wife. I think he's the most beautiful project I have ever worked on.


More Natural Design Comps w/ Two Layers and Linear Burn

Recently while work­ing on a busi­ness card design for a client, I dis­cov­ered an easy way to create more nat­ural look­ing comps in Photoshop. I was design­ing a busi­ness card for a client and my pro­posal included paper spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Pre­sent­ing my design as a static exported image would not have been suf­fi­cient to com­mu­ni­cate the con­cept. To show how the design would look phys­i­cally in the real world, I over­laid the design on an image of a blank busi­ness card to create a ‘comp’. The usual way to do this in Photoshop would be to first trans­form and skew the top image layer to fit the sur­face either by hand or using some­thing like LiveSur­face tem­plates and then apply a ‘Mul­ti­ply’ blend­ing mode. This both­ered me because comps made this way don’t really look very nat­ural, though it gets the point across. So I exper­i­mented with new methods.

Business Card

Illustration by someone else. I did the typography and put everything together. Main display text is set in Verlag Condensed Bold and reading text is in Chronicle Text G4 Roman. Both from H&FJ. Client loves it. Please consider liking my other snaps too: forrst.com/posts/… forrst.com/posts/… forrst.com/posts/…


What does the iPhone 4 and its application icons have in common?

While cre­at­ing an illus­tra­tion of the iPhone 4 for the Foound web app, I dis­cov­ered the rounded corner radius of the phone’s phys­i­cal frame is exactly that of the width and height of appli­ca­tion icons on the homescreen.