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Andrew French

Just some miniatures

Here are some mini-character created in Adobe illustrator. Lets see how good my skills are, can you recognise who they are meant to be? (To be fair most of them are pretty easy)

Stewie Griffin

Family Guy's Stewie Griffin, created in adobe illustrator CS4. Will be attempting the rest of the 'cast' soon.


This is my first attempt at 'drawing' anime on anything but paper. Still got some prcticing to do, but it came out alright.

Super Mario

Yet another Adobe Illustrator picture I did at college, just let me know if you're getting bored of this stuff.

My First Vector Portrait

This was my first attempt at doing a vector portrait. I did this to try and get some practice in with the pen tool when I first started using ai.

Starwars Stormtrooper

Another of my Adobe Illustrator picture, this time of a Stormtrooper head/helmet from Starwars. Took a wee while.

Mater from Cars created in Adobe Illustrator

Just trying to get a little feedback on some of my Adobe ai work. This is a picture of Mater from the 'Cars' films that I did for my niece

Optimus Prime

So up until 2 months ago I had only used Adobe Illustrator once, and that was to re-do some ones logo for them. I recently decided to get myself back to college, Moray College UHI, to learn some new stuff. I really wasn't keen on Illustrator at all, just couldn't work it out, but now I can't get enough of it! So just thought I'd post some of my ai work to see what the good folks on forrst think.