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Dainis Graveris

1stWebDesigner Single Post page - please help with feedback!

Ok, so this is kinda how we imagine 1WD site for now. Still we are not sure about top navigation and categories on the top. Also I still feel like design is a bit too simple and there are mixed styles with those 3rd buttons..what do you think? Any advice on placements, stylings? Would really appreciate some brutal, honest feedback! Thank you!

1stWebDesigner home page redesign draft

Hey guys! We are working hard on 1WD to plan our redesign..but with 3 columns we still look a bit SM like...:( Do you have any suggestions how we could improve this design to make it more UI-fic and unique? With responsive webdesign, I think it's super handy to have 3 columns, because post width can be just that wide to maintain good readability. Do you have any inspiration we can look at, any tips? Placements are great now, but design is simple, clean - but not too unique. How we could improve that? Please be harsh and objective on your feedback! Would really appreciate: - what about styling - textures - color usage ( we currently used light colors and orange a bit, since it is our logo color) - how to put categories the best way? tips? - typography, where to mix different fonts in or little elements to spice up design, or maybe make whole design more typographic? - circles are becoming popular, any tips if or how to implement them in overall design? - logo, maybe it's crucial to also simplify, improve existing 1WD logo too? if so, then any suggestions how and which direction to take?