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Amjad Ali

Oye Website Header PSD

Every week or month I offer free PSD’s for my users, As many web designer often don’t have time to create everything themselves, so I have decided to provide them quality files for make your life easier. **Today’s freebie**, Oye Website Header psd is a fully customize header psd that comes with 6 different styles, Oye website header psd are clean and minimalist headers and can be use for agency, studio, event or design company. The file is fully layered and well organized, you can customize it very easy to fit your business needs. Download here : [http://www.198seven.com/freebie-03-website-header-psd](http://www.198seven.com/freebie-03-website-header-psd/)

Modern Showcase PSD - Freebie

Every month 198seven offers free PSD’s for their users, As many web designer often don’t have time to create everything themselves, so we have decided to provide you quality files for make your life easier. Today’s freebie, a modern showcase style psd, The file is fully layered and easy to customize. Download here : [http://www.198seven.com/weekly-freebie-01-modern-showcase-psd](http://www.198seven.com/weekly-freebie-01-modern-showcase-psd)

Suthri PSD Template

Every month 198seven offers free website template for their users, you can use our free website psd templates in your starting or ongoing projects. All our theme is ready for customization you can easily modify colors, images, fonts, backgrounds, content, and many other design elements. Today’s monthly freebie, Suthri psd website template built on twitter bootstrap grid system. **Features** 12+ Layered PSD files 1170px, Responsive design, Bootstrap grid system, Use google fonts, Organized folders Download here : [http://www.198seven.com/monthly-freebie-01-suthri-psd-template](http://www.198seven.com/monthly-freebie-01-suthri-psd-template)


Responsive mean IE8?

Hi folks, Need your suggestions regarding the below querys... 1: Are we really need media queries for IE8? The responsive part is for small screens like Mobile, Ipads, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. not for desktop where everyone will see your site to its full width? 2: Which Polyfilling method is best? Respond.js or CSS3-Mediaqueries.js Respond.js It can be compressed down to as little as 1 KB, and it parses CSS files fast, It supports only the min-width and max-width queries, so it’s not the right solution if you are looking at using device-width, device-height, orientation, aspect-ratio, color, monochrome or resolution. Some good use cases here are not supported, one being the detection of high-resolution devices such as the iPhone 4 and non-color devices such as the Kindle. CSS3-MediaQueries-js It supports the full range of media queries introduced in CSS3. But there are significant downsides to consider: this script is not fast; it parses CSS much slower than Respond.js; and it weighs in at a hefty 15 KB. Thank you.


Media Queries not working in IE8

I am using Bootstrap & Skeleton Framework for responsive design. The design is working fine in Firefox /Chrome & in IE9, But when i viewed my design in IE8 and re size the browser window nothing will happen? I have also test both Bootstrap & Skeleton website in IE8 and they are also not response when i re size my browser window, but they work fine in IE9 as it should be. I also used media-queries.js and respond.js to add media query support in IE but they are also not working in IE8. Can anyone please tell me what is the scenario here?