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Joshua Geiger

Free Download: Minimal White UI Kit

Hey Guy's, It's that time again... This is a minimal UI kit created to give away on SuiteTuts. Get over there and download it if you like it. Don't forget to like this post to share the awesomeness! Thanks!


SuiteTuts - 1080p Illustrator Training from Adobe Certified Instructors

My new project SuiteTuts is up and running!! Want to learn Adobe Illustrator from Adobe Certified Instructors? Want to learn for FREE? Check out my new project, SuiteTuts. Free Training and great Free Resources!!

Creative Website PSD

Hey guy's, I just wanted to let you know that you can download a free PSD of this Creative Portfolio Template from the resources section of SuiteTuts.com If you like, download it and leave your comments here on what could be done to improve the file, or what you like most about it. Thanks and enjoy!

Free Illustrator Training from Adobe Certified Instructors

Hello, I'm sure some of you already know about SuiteTuts, but most of you probably don't know that we have officially launched our "Fundamentals of Illustrator CS5" 1080p HD video training from Adobe Certified Instructors, complete with downloadable source files and other great stuff. I was wondering if you guy's wouldn't mind watching some (or all) of these lessons and let me know your thoughts. What could be improved? What didn't you learn that should be in the series? Our lessons (and everything else) are completely FREE and we plan to keep it that way. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for qualified, high-quality Adobe training & tutorials. The only way we can achieve that goal is with community feedback and of course great content. Hopefully, this will be a great resource for those who are Photoshop pro's but don't have much experience with Illustrator. We are currently starting our "Fundamentals of Photoshop CS5" series now, so that will be coming in the not too distant future. Thanks in advance for your help!

Please, help me, help others

Hi Guy's, I know there isn't much in the way of content on the site yet, but I am launching our "Fundamentals of Illustrator CS5" 1080p video series later this week and I expect that will draw more traffic. For the past month I've been running a contest to give away a new iPad 2 & SmartCover, and I'm excited to see that there have been over 12,000 entries into the contest! As you see, I will be doing everything I can to provide terrific content and keep traffic building. One of those things will be providing free resources for the community to download. I have a few items there now under "Resources" that are available for download if you want to check them out. The idea is, I would ideally love to have enough people submitting files, that I could provide a new one every-day. If your file is uploaded, you will have the ability to show your Avatar, Short Bio, and Social Media links on the file download page. If you would like to submit your file to SuiteTuts, simply use the link below to get to the upload form. I really think people are going to love this site. As far as I know, there is't anywhere else on the web that provides 1080p video training, resources and awesome contests AND provide this ALL for FREE. I know there are tutorial sites out there which are free, but this is Adobe Certified Instructor training!! No need for $25-$30/month subscription fees or $99 Lesson DVD's anymore. :D Check out SuiteTuts: suitetuts.com Submit your Resource: suitetuts.com/… Thanks a bunch guy's! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. :D Joshua

100% Vector iPhone 4 Download

I created my first photorealistic object and it's a vector iPhone 4. It turned out better than I expected so I wanted to provide it everyone to use in their own projects. If you would like to download this file, do so using the link below. Download Here Thanks and enjoy!



Hey guy's. I have a page of a site I need coded. I'm curious to know which service you would recommend to get this done. It's pretty simple but it needs to be pixel perfect and incorporate a detailed js vertical accordion style chapter selection. Here is what I want in order of importance: Code Quality (SEO, X-Browser Compatibility....) Pixel Perfect Slicing Price Trun-around Time I'm looking at: SEO Semantic XHTML W3-markup PSD2HTML Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I will hire a lone developer if need be. I'm not hell bent of hiring one of these companies.


This is just something pretty I selected in order to test a first post. :)