Emails from MailChimpan-A to MailChimpanzee: Introducing Our New University Sponsor

Ryan wrote this on March 11, 2014 in . It has 7 reactions

We're thrilled when we see tweets like the one above. It's been amazing seeing more and more people using Ink on their projects. We've learned a lot since our launch last year, especially with converting all our newsletters — 12 campaigns that reach over 100K people — to the responsive email framework. We continue to learn more about emails each time we send one out, like how Gmail has a file size restriction for HTML emails and will clip any message past 102 KB.

Easy enough to workaround, but things like file size and image hosting make us grateful for email service providers. Which is why we're happy to announce our newest ZURB University sponsor — MailChimp.

mailchimp logo

We've been sending out our most recent Friday 15 weekly activities through...
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Strengthening The Foundation Community, One Point at a Time

Rafi wrote this on March 07, 2014 in . It has 47 reactions

We're hot on the heels of the Foundation 5.2 release, and we're happy to see how active the Foundation Forum has been since we launched a few months ago. We've reached over 1,500 posts and 4,000 answers with the help of the Foundation community. And we want to recognize people who contribute at a high level. All you have to do is build up your reputation by answering questions and gaining Forum points.

You get a point for each of your answers that's marked "helpful". If your answer is marked as most-helpful you earn 5 additional points. Your points will be displayed on the new "My Forum" page.

Companies constantly ask us to recommend designers and developers versed in Foundation. We saw a need for a place to building a stronger community. Our goal is to build a stronger community that leads the Responsive Design movement. Show off your problem solving skills...
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Get a job, nerd!

via Job Board from ZURB

Start Faster, Go Faster With Foundation 5.2

Jonathan wrote this on March 05, 2014 in . It has 76 reactions

We've been working on Foundation for a while now, and in that time we've gone through a lot of iterations. In fact making Foundation better and better is one of our favorite things to do here at ZURB, and Foundation 5.2, released today, is no exception.

With 5.2 we've made it even easier to get started with Foundation, putting the spotlight on code size, simple instructions, and third-party tools we think will fit right into your workflow. In addition to that we've also shown some love to some of our older plugins, rebuilding and refactoring them to work better and faster than ever before. And hey, bonus? We fixed a bunch of bugs, tightening up Foundation 5 so you can totally count on it. Let's dive in!

Foundation Essential — Just What You Need

You've always been able to get going with a few different types of Foundation, and our newest variation should come in...
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Responsive Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Line Graphs: Pizza Amore is Here!

Brandon wrote this on February 26, 2014 in . It has 52 reactions

pizza amore

The overwhelming response to Pizza, our responsive pie charts, had us thinking that we could deliver up more than a slice of pie. So we went back into the kitchen and expanded our menu. Today, we're pleased to introduce our brand-new responsive charts and graphs, which we call Pizza Amore! (OK, we were listening to a lot of Dean Martin when we came up with the titles.)

What's in Pizza Amore!

  • Bar Charts: You can use an unordered list with data attributes to define the height of each bar. CSS makes it easy to change the color of the axis and bars.
  • Line Graphs: Simply use an unordered list with data attributes to define both the X and Y axis of a line. Like the bar charts, you can use CSS to change the color of the axis, lines and bullets. And it's easy to have more than one line per graph.
  • Pie Charts: Pizza is still there so you can use an unordered list to...
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An Irish Import Who Loves a Challenge
Introducing Our Newest ZURBian

Shawna wrote this on February 24, 2014 in . It has 24 reactions

We don't have to look far for new opportunities here at ZURB. Sometimes they arrive at our doorstep, even from as far away as the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

It's with great pleasure that we introduce you to our newest ZURBian, an Irish import who loves a challenge. Everyone say hello to …

John Leenane, Business Development and Partner

John Leenane

John may have originally come from across the pond, but he's been in the Bay Area for about 14 years. He's worked with companies, big and small (read: startups). He recently founded two companies of his own, but once his path led him to ZURB, there was no turning back.

John's our newest Partner and Business Developer. And he's already gotten his hands dirty, opening up new opportunities for ZURB. He's focused on growing our business and finding new ways to bring ZURB to the next level. As part of our Connections Team, he'll continue...
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Foundation 5.1, Now a Little Lighter!

Jonathan wrote this on February 04, 2014 in . It has 140 reactions

But there's still more to love.

Foundation 5 has been in the wild for about two months now, just enjoying its life as the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, you know, and we've had a lot of great feedback from the community in that time. The community hasn't just been giving feedback — they've also helped us close down issues. We also went in and cleared a few bugs as well.

We've also been busy building some new sites on Foundation 5, including the retrofit of our Design Apps. We released 5.0.1, 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 so far. But we've made a concentrated push for some new awesome things in time for 5.1! So let's get to it.

Sleeker, Slimmer

Foundation 5 was designed to be the fastest Foundation yet — we measured the performance of our JS dependencies, we built out a new, speedy CLI that uses libsass for crazy fast compiling performance, and we...
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Design Collaboration is Lonely

Ryan wrote this on January 22, 2014 in , . It has 107 reactions

A designer works alone on sketches.

When it comes to collaboration, you need two or more to tango. You can't collaborate all by your lonesome. Well, you could, but then you'd be Edward Norton in "Fight Club" conspiring with Tyler Durden. But to get the most out of a collaboration you have to do design work upfront. And that can be a lonely effort, even in an open-office environment that encourages collaboration.

Let's define design collaboration first. It's Design Thinking in action. When you have a creative team with fantastic ideas, sometimes things can get a bit fuzzy. After doing work, you need a second opinion because you're too close to your ideas. Collaboration allows you to get feedback on those ideas. You might find new sparks in that collaboration, or you might find that your ideas aren't quite cooked. It's easier to collaborate when you don't have a physical...
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Use More, Build Less
Lessons That Influenced Ink

Eric wrote this on January 08, 2014 in . It has 38 reactions

Now that our responsive email framework Ink has been out for a couple months, we've had the pleasure of watching our "baby" grow up. We've seen people using Ink on bigger and bigger projects, giving us even more validation that there's a need for a responsive email framework like ours. This validation provided us with a good deal of encouragement. Better yet, it gave us the freedom focus on refining the product itself, rather than trying to establish its niche in the market.

Inky holding devices

Since the launch, we've been doing a lot of responsive emails with Ink ourselves. We've converted all our newsletters (12 monthly campaigns that reach over 100k people) to Ink, as well as generated a lot of content examples for blog posts, the responsive email newsletter and our responsive email training class. More importantly, we've been in contact with a lot of users about their emails...
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How to Lose All Your Content Search Ranking: A Cautionary Tale

Matt wrote this on January 07, 2014 in , , . It has 99 reactions

Not too long ago we gave our Playground page a brand-new responsive polish. The Playground is one of the last ones we made responsive. And when we finally released its update, something horrible happened — our search ranking evaporated until nothing was left.

screenshot of Google Analytics that shows our search rank dropping off

A screenshot of Google Analytics showing our search rank dropping off.

When launching a new product or a redesign, we usually mind our Ps and Qs. We have a laundry list of things that we check, double check and, sometimes, triple check. Since Playground gets a ton of search traffic, we tripled-checked all the SEO things we knew, such as:

  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • URLs and redirects

We even fixed a number of things broken in the previous site. But that due diligence didn't seem to be enough. Week after week, we watched in horror as our search ranking dropped and dropped and dropped to nothing. We didn't even rank for...
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Why We Dropped Zepto

Ben wrote this on January 03, 2014 in . It has 438 reactions

illustration of the Yeti leaning on jQuery. Most of Foundation's components lean on jQuery.

Deep inside his icy cave, the wise and powerful Yeti heard people asking, "Where did Zepto go?" Back when Foundation 4 was being conceived we switched to Zepto (with a jQuery option) for its smaller file size and faster load time.

But over time we found that lighter file size did not translate into better performance overall. Sure, Zepto downloaded quickly. But once loaded, it wasn't quite as fast as jQuery. It didn't help that many third-party plugins required jQuery, not Zepto — in fact, we found that some third party JavaScripts conflicted outright with Zepto.

Maintaining different code bases wasn't easy for us, either. For example, Zepto lacks a proper height calculation function, making certain grid calculations difficult.

To solve all this, the answer was clear as a spring Himalayan sky: Foundation 5 uses jQuery 2. In addition to better speed and industry acceptance, jQuery 2...
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