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Sketching Gets You Farther Than You Think

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At the summer Olympics of 2004 in Athens, Greece, Hossein Rezazadeh raised 263.5 kilograms (nearly 581 pounds) over his head and broke the world record. Olympic power lifters are able to accomplish these incredible feats because they stick to a well practiced technique. In product design, a well executed technique or process can help us accomplish incredible things as well. So what are you using to do the heavy lifting?

Think of it like powerlifting. When you step up to that big project, where does sketching come into play for you? When we've run Interface Design Sketching classes in the past, many have told us that they actually don't use sketching to do much heavy lifting. Many people use sketching to do some quick "hand chalking". They do all the heavy lifting with more time intensive brute force. This usually involves a cycle of presenting to stakeholders,...
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