How The Next Web Redesign Puts Content First

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Boris and Alex of The Next Web

(From left to right: CEO and Co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen and Lead Designer Alexander Griffioen)

It's always thrilling to find others who share our passion for design and aren't afraid to take risks. We've worked relentlessly since 1998 to establish ourselves as leaders in the industry and are constantly looking for new ways to improve and take design further. Our Foundation family of open source frameworks has helped push the web forward, University has trained thousands of designers around the globe, 300 of the most innovative companies in the world have partnered with us to build better websites, products and services through our Studios business, and our design platform Notable has helped our team and others create better products. In order to maintain this level of quality and innovation, we're always on the lookout for new inspiration which is why we...
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Designers: Use'em or Lose'em!

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Design is hot. Companies have realized that good design is good for business, that technology alone isn't enough to get customers excited, and that today's consumers have come to expect a smart and delightful experience in every product they touch. Designers are a hot commodity these days. Companies are going all-in, scooping up talent so their competitors won't. The stakes have never been higher.

Companies collecting their designers illustration

However, it's clear that not many companies seem to know how to play their hand and they just haven't figured out what do with their design teams. Product managers are still at the helm, doing most of the decision-making, and passing their credo down to the design team to execute on. Too often, designers get put in a waterfall production line, stuck working on a sliver of the customer experience they so want to impact.

The Dull Reality

Many of us who pursued the career of design did...
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The 'I' in Team

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Team of Meerkats

The origin of the English word 'team' comes from a word that referred to a group of draft animals all working together to pull something forward. Back in ye olden days, the best 'teams' were animals that were the same species, the same size and moving in the same direction. But that doesn't really work when it comes to humans. Teams are made up of different people with different skills, weaknesses, goals, values, etc. How do all these individuals work together to do something more complicated than pull a plough, something like say, designing and building a successful product?

Companies, especially in the competitive world of tech, have been trying to figure out the answer to that question for a while now. It seems like the best solution they've come up with is issuing matching hoodies with company logos on them. While these 'Zuck-xedos' are cool and all,...
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Starting the Summer Off Right: Meet Our New ZURBians!

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Ah summer. BBQ's, sunny weather, watermelon, sparklers, the beach and vacations are just a few of the things that make this a magical season. But we're also incredibly excited about all of the big projects we're working on these summer months that are sure to take ZURB to the next level. To help us tackle these challenges and achieve our goals, we're happy to announce two new designers to the team. Without further ado, we'd like for you to help us welcome...

Kevin Chu: Designer

Photo of Kevin Chu

Kevin is a California native, growing up in both the San Francisco and Sacramento areas. From early on, Kevin's been an artist, doodling anything from Disney and Anime characters to family members and friends. As he got older Kevin expanded his skills with digital painting in high school and then studied graphic design in college, graduating with a BA in Visual Communications from UC...
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Change the Way People Design

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Six years ago we embarked on our first defined mission with a general sense of direction and cautious optimism. It was ambitious and pushed us to where we are today- an amazing design company that turned the idea of a consultancy upside down. We had the foresight to understand that solving digital design problems required more than just delivering some assets. Nothing about the mission was easy, but we did it. As a leader I was committed to making it happen for ZURB.

Today we're publishing our new mission. It's equally ambitious, but backed by the knowhow of seventeen years of design experience and the momentum of millions of designers around the world. We're excited to share our vision and hope that you can support us as we aim to provide the world with new and effective ways of solving design problems. The process of aligning everyone on the team around a set of...
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Introducing the New Notable

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There is a lot of excitement about the Internet of Things and electronics being smart. Actually the excitement right now is just around electronic devices being able to communicate with each other at all, never mind the smart part. If you can attach a Raspberry Pi to it, people will and probably already have. We recently saw a toaster oven that can send you a text when your toast is ready.

That's cool and all, but toast text messages are not nearly as interesting as a home of electronics that are designed to work together and solve people problems. Imagine your refrigerator communicating with your phone to let you know what ingredients you're out of when you're at the grocery store, or a washing machine that alerts your smartwatch that your clothes are done so you can move them into the dryer so they don't sit wet all day. That will be the difference between just an...
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A Curious Mind With a Passion for Problem Solving, Meet Our Newest Engineer

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Our newest engineer started out as an intern, working his way through complex problems and putting the time in to build up skills while working on our Library revamp. We can't wait to see what other great things he'll contribute to the team! Without further ado, meet...

Zoran Pesic, Engineer

Born in Berane, Montenegro, Zoran moved to the United States at a young age, growing up in New Jersey before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally thinking he would do something in the art world, his curious nature began leading him towards computers and coding. His first contact with ZURB was through Foundation, our responsive front-end framework. Enamored with the possibilities it opened up for him, Zoran dove head first into the code and eventually wound up on the ZURB homepage.

After learning more about the company and our culture, Zoran applied for our...
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Attention Nonprofits: We're Now Taking Applications for ZURB Wired

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Over the last few months, we've talked a lot about the power designers have to influence change in organizations. But we're looking beyond impacting mere business outcomes. It's our sincere belief that design can cause real, positive change in the world. ZURB Wired is proof.

Each year we volunteer our time and resources to help one special nonprofit craft a complete marketing campaign in 24 coffee-fueled hours. ZURB HQ becomes a hive of activity as our entire team, along with volunteers, work all through the night to create a website, print material, engineering support, written content and even videos. To accomplish this, we use the same process and methods we use in our Studios business to help companies do incredible things in short amounts of time. The event itself is timeboxed to 24 hours, but the results of our work are felt long after.

Now in its eighth...
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An Entrepreneur With a Passion for People, Meet Our New Business Designer

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Our newest Business Designer is ready to make a difference in the world through design thinking! With his business savvy and incredible teaching skills, we're confident he will! Without further ado, meet …

Photo of our new Business Designer Dave Zinsman

Dave Zinsman, Business Designer

Dave is a California native, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In true Silicon Valley fashion, he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug at the tender age of seven, establishing a 'Garbage Pail Kids' trading card exchange. Throughout his teens and young adulthood he continued to develop his business savvy, eventually starting a few businesses centered around marketing, design and training.

In addition to his killer business chops, Dave is a passionate teacher. After high school, Dave joined the Marines where he served as a training instructor at Camp Pendleton. Serving in the Marines gave him a chance to see the world and...
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The Designer Litmus Test

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Brace yourself for the truth: product designers are not born with the gift of design. Many — scratch that — all design skills can be learned by any willing individual. It's a certain combination of personality traits, not the skills, that make certain people better suited for solving problems through design. Just like being a nurturer makes people likely to pursue nursing or gardening, and being a firefighter or an entrepreneur means being open to uncertainty and risk.

Can we identify with certainty what makes some designers so good at their job? We think so, yes. Because when we look at the designers we admire, these six personality traits surface: ambition, empathy, non-linear thinking, pattern recognition, meticulousness, and tenacity.


It's why designers notice bad kerning, analyze how remotes feel in their hand, and see almost non-existent flaws in furniture. They...
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