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Foundation & CSS Grid: Think Beyond the Page

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There's a revolution happening right now. The way we think about and design websites is going to change again. Old conventions and methods are being replaced by exciting new technologies that open up entirely new ways to design and build the web. And they're available today.

Out With the Old

Most early websites in the 90’s were little more than digital brochures, which makes sense since the web was born from the world of print. Our options as web designers for laying out content fell short of what was available to print designers for many years. Slowly but surely, our tools got better and we discovered new methods and techniques that allowed us to do some incredible things. The web came into its own, but the world of print still exerts its influence on the way many designers think. To this day we still call web files “documents,” arrange our content in “pages,” and try to fit the experience of users into sitemaps.

But pages are limiting. Pages are a...

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