Foundation for Emails 2.1: Supercharge Your Workflow

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Foundation for Emails 2.1 Update Graphic

Foundation for Emails 2 has already changed the email workflow for thousands of people with a revamped CSS codebase, Inky markup to ditch tables, and a powerful workflow to stay D.R.Y. It makes coding HTML emails, well, easy. Today we are releasing Foundation for Emails 2.1 which further optimizes your workflow and speeds up coding. There are a couple new Inky components and more ZURB Stack magic to simplify your HTML email development and make you an email pro.

Beefing Up the ZURB Stack

Testing is a very necessary but time consuming process. Tools like Litmus exist to speed testing up so you can test many devices and email clients at once, but you still have to zip your images and send your email to Litmus for testing. But, what if you don't use an email service provider? How would you send the email to Litmus? Not to mention your images still need to be...
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