Call Me E-schmail: Conquering the Beast that is HTML Email

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Ahh, HTML emails. One of the most dreaded parts of product design. For the uninitiated, designing and developing HTML emails is notoriously difficult. It results in a sea of tr's th's td's in your HTML code. Your styles also need to be inlined so some email clients can even render the styles in your email. Finally, much like a wild beast, Outlook will do whatever it wants sometimes ... Seriously.

In 2013, we released our responsive email framework - Foundation for Emails (originally known as Ink). Ink was an awesome contribution into the world of responsive email design. It was the first of its kind! Designers could now code up an email that would look great in everything - even Outlook. We began to tame the beast that is HTML email, but we could further domesticate it.

We set our course to conquer the beast that is HTML email with the upcoming Foundation for...
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