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You're Design Thinking Too Much

Bryan wrote this on December 13, 2016 in .

A few years ago, a piece I wrote about design thinking totally exploded. It was pretty surprising because it wasn't one of those 'Unlock the power of design in your company' posts, it was all about how confusing and meaningless 'design thinking' has become. Near blasphemy for a...
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The Problem With Design Thinking Is That I Still Don't Know What Design Thinking Is

Bryan wrote this on October 21, 2014 in . It has 10 comments.

Illustration of a person reaching for abstract tools

Design is hot. Design executives are being tasked with being design-driven, but don't have the tools or processes to sustain this effort. They embrace design thinking, but it's unclear how their companies will embrace its ideas. VC's are telling founders to hire a design...
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Mobilizing Nonprofits Through Design Thinking: Announcing ZURB Wired 2014!

Ryan wrote this on July 28, 2014 in , . It has 5 comments.

We're gearing up for our seventh ZURB Wired event, where we work alongside a nonprofit to get over a design hump. The catch: everything has to be done in a 24 hour time crunch.

We've worked with a number of nonprofits over our 16 years. We've noticed that an inspiring...
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It's Never Too Late to Learn Design Thinking: Now Accepting Submissions for Our Sixth ZURBwired

Ryan wrote this on June 03, 2013 in . It has 5 comments.

Remember when our class of 5th graders stopped by the office last week? We can't stop thinking about how much they grokked design thinking, showing us how it's never too early to learn those concepts. It's also never too late to learn those concepts. That's why every...
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Best Field Trip Ever: It's Never Too Early to Learn Design Thinking

Ryan wrote this on May 30, 2013 in , . It has 8 comments.

We get a lot of visitors at our ZURB Command Center. Today, however, we got a special visit from Miss Phillip's 5th grade class from Sacred Heart School in nearby Saratoga. They've been designers-in-practice thanks to Miss Phillips, a good friend of ours who's been...
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Nonprofits Can Learn Design Thinking with ZURBwired

Ryan wrote this on July 02, 2012 in . Add a comment

When we helped nonprofits in the past, we learned quickly that an inspiring mission wasn't enough to help an organization, especially if it was disorganized and didn't operate efficiently. We found that marketing opportunities got stuck too easily, stalling the ability...
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How Fidelity Used Design Thinking To Improve Its Website

Dmitry wrote this on May 13, 2011 in . It has 2 comments.

It's a bit hard to believe that Fidelity Investments, one of the largest financial services groups in the world, was so influenced by design thinking that it became an employed practice during their recent quest to improve their site. After all, can you picture the...
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Critical and Design Thinking

Bryan wrote this on November 21, 2008 in . It has 7 comments.

Building on my post from yesterday, Is, Will and Should, let's dissect Peter Drucker's Paradigm of Change Model to understand the unique advantages of critical thinking and design thinking in an organization.

Critical thinking is frequently used to solve business problems (an example...
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New ZURBword: Design Thinking

Mark wrote this on October 23, 2008 in . Add a comment

ZURBword is our way of capturing and sharing concepts with the rest of the world. As a group that specializes in interaction design and strategy, we've found it to be a unique way of sharing what we've learned through our experiences.

We fired off a new ZURBword last week, Design...
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Design or Get Off the Pot

Bryan wrote this on December 27, 2016 in . Add a comment

Designers, it's time to elevate our game or get off the pot. Yes, I'm telling designers to step up. Because I'm not seeing it happen. What I see now are scared designers afraid to make decisions on behalf of their organizations. Creators and craftsmen struggling to tell other people...
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The Perversion of Beautiful Design

Bryan wrote this on November 01, 2016 in .

Renaissance of Design

Design is having its renaissance moment. The recent rise in design awareness over the last decade has been exciting and much of this is driven by online products and services becoming more mainstream. People are under it's spell, captivated by its charms. But while demand is...
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Change the Way People Design

Six years ago we embarked on our first defined mission with a general sense of direction and cautious optimism. It was ambitious and pushed us to where we are today- an amazing design company that turned the idea of a consultancy upside down. We had the foresight to understand that...
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Design for Influence

Bryan wrote this on March 12, 2015 in , . It has 7 comments.

It's an amazing time of change for design organizations, whether you work in a design agency or in-house team. Design is hot. But design organizations are not without their problems. In my previous post on agencies, we addressed the challenges and the upside design service firms face....
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Fat Cows, Disillusioned Scarecrows and Greener Design Pastures

Bryan wrote this on February 09, 2015 in , . It has 1 comment.

In my past post, our assertion that Silicon Valley killed the design agency agitated quite a few industry design leaders. The post was a wake up call, not a proclamation of the end of design services. Status quo is a sure death and others seem to agree. The argument...
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Lead by Design

Bryan wrote this on January 20, 2015 in , . It has 9 comments.

Last week we wrote about the design leadership gap and the need support emerging designers with career paths. It's an assessment of where we are as an industry that highlights gaps we'll need to close to fill our design leadership roles. And while the blog post creates an impression that leading...
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The Design Leadership Gap

Bryan wrote this on January 16, 2015 in , . It has 9 comments.

We've recently written about progressive design and the role successful designers play in helping companies build great products. Design leadership is an important part of this conversation.

From designers using their thinking skills to the turbulence of the current design environment,...
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2014 Design Award

Bryan wrote this on November 30, 2014 in . It has 6 comments.

Last year we moved into a fantastic new space after spending a year renovating a worn down, multi-tenant space. Today we're happy to share that our building was honored with a 2014 Design Award by the American Architects Institute of Santa Clara County (home to some of the most recognized...
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Silicon Valley Killed the Design Agency

Bryan wrote this on October 31, 2014 in . It has 12 comments.

Illustration depicting how the valley killed the design agency

The design agency world has turned upside down with the recent news of Adaptive Path finding synergy with a bank, Smart Design calling it quits in Silicon Valley, and [insert design shop here] getting scooped up by the Faceoogleboxes. Silicon Valley, which is known for...
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Design Collaboration is Lonely

Ryan wrote this on January 22, 2014 in , . It has 7 comments.

A designer works alone on sketches.

When it comes to collaboration, you need two or more to tango. You can't collaborate all by your lonesome. Well, you could, but then you'd be Edward Norton in "Fight Club" conspiring with Tyler Durden. But to get the most out of a collaboration...
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Influencers Answer, 'How Do You Define Product Design?'

Christopher wrote this on August 06, 2013 in . Add a comment

When it comes to product design, we tend to take a holistic approach at ZURB. From marketers to the folks who actually write the code, we are all designers at ZURB, brainstorming and drawing out ideas with the same methods that product designers have been doing for...
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