Podcast of LukeW's talk: Design for Mobile First!

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As always we all had a great time last Friday with our long time friend LukeW at his second ZURBsoapbox.

Luke made a strong and valid case of why we should focus on designing for mobile vs. the desktop. Not only did he tell us why, he also focused on how we should design for the mobile.

Luke Wroblewski Soapbox Summary and Podcast

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Bryan (ZURB) says

It's always awesome to have Luke visit our office- he's full of insightful and concrete ideas about product development!

Deborah (ZURB) says

Excellent! Thanks for sharing the podcast. Any chance you might provide a transcript of the podcast?

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Glad you like the podcast Deborah! We are not planning on providing the transcript of the podcast at this time. Have you been to a ZURBsoapbox.com event before? Do you subscribe to the podcasts?

Deborah (ZURB) says

Yes, I'm subscribed now. Thanks Dmitry.

I just finished listening to the podcast. Good info!

It was hard to follow Luke's references to his slides when he referred to "that" and "here" in his slides. I read several of the posts Luke mentioned on his "Notes on Mobile First" blog post from the AEA Mobile First chat.

Any idea if Luke plans to publish the slide deck? I checked Slideshare to see if he had posted his Mobile First! slides, but didn't find it. Wasn't sure if he will wait til later to post the deck.

Bryan (ZURB) says

@Deborah I believe he'll published them later- he's giving the talk a couple more times.

I'm curious, how would you use the transcript?

Deborah (ZURB) says

Two reasons:

  1. I find it easier (and faster!) to scan a transcript than find time to watch a 40 minute video. Wish I had more time in my day!
  2. The transcript can be read by those people with hearing impairments who can't listen to a podcast.

There's always some fact or great tip about 30 minutes into a video. If I can easily reference it by scanning a transcript, all the better!

Deborah (ZURB) says

Oops! I should have said "find time to listen to a 40 minute podcast" and "great tip about 30 minutes into a podcast."

I have the same issue with videos. Provide options for the website visitor to choose. Plus it makes the content more accessible for those who can't hear, and those search engines who index the content.

Dmitry (ZURB) says

Deborah - here is the video version of the same MobileFirst talk LukeW gave at ZURB. This should help you to match words up with visuals.


On another note - we hear your request for a transcript loud and clear. We'll do our best.

Deborah (ZURB) says

Thanks Dmitry! That was fast.

Dmitry (ZURB) says

We like to impress people. :)

Stephen Cox (ZURB) says

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Besides the mobile talk (which I agree with 100%) It's about time someone else (more famous than me) dissed the fix grid width designs that are so popular now. (And I'm talking 960, blueprint, etc, etc). Trust me, the user with a brand new 27" iMac is thanking you.

Glad to see fluid (and you can have grids with a fluid design - just base them on % instead of px) designs are on the way back up.

What makes me laugh.. is we are coming full circle again. Back in the early days of the web, fluid, flexible designs were everywhere (there were plenty of fixed designs too). Then they all but vanished for in favor of the fixed grid. I know why of course. The old HTML didn't allow much in layout except tables - so when css hit, offering "pixel placement".. it all changed.

Now I'm giddy that mobile is forcing designers to think again. It's gonna be fun.

Debi (ZURB) says

Thanks for the tutorial, my instructor 'instructed' us to watch this for class, BRAVO!

Dmitry (ZURB) says

@Debi - no problem. Glad to hear you guys are discussing this in class!