Verify Updates

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Verify Updates

Act on User Data, Not Design Intuition Subscribe via RSS.

Notable & Verify | Now Available in Chrome Web Store

On Friday, Notable and Verify joined our other apps in the Chrome Web Store. Now you can install these apps directly to your Chrome Dashboard for easy access to your accounts. Just click to open a... Read Post

Verify | 3 Steps for Great Results

When talking with customers recently, we've been getting a lot of questions on how to get more results on their Verify tests. They often think they may not receive enough results to make a pivotal... Read Post

Verify | Solve Problems in a Day, Move On

Too many companies waste time trying to solve the wrong problems. When it comes to UI decisions, you always want your customer in mind. In most cases, this can be hard to gather in a short amount o... Read Post

Verify: Introducing Multivariate and Multi-Device Testing

Whoa! What’s going on with Verify? Have you noticed the changes? Today we launched two exciting new features in Verify: Multivariate Testing and Multi-Device Testing. What is Multivariat... Read Post

Thank You for the Shout Outs on Twitter!

We wanted to take the time and thank those of you that have given us such powerful feedback about our apps. At the office, we are always discussing the wonderful feedback that our users give us, w... Read Post

ZURBapps: Navigation Bar Update

We've pushed an update to the black navigation bar that appears at the top of the page in each of our apps. These changes make it much easier to the perform common actions within each app, helping ... Read Post

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