Solidify Updates

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Solidify Updates

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Heartbleed Bug and ZURB Design Apps: What We're Doing About It

Last night, a vulnerability called Heartbleed was exposed in OpenSSL, an open source library that’s responsible for encrypting data over HTTPS for much of the web. At this time there is no indicati... Read Post

Multitouch Gestures for Solidify are Finally Here!

In 2014, things can change on a dime. What you needed six months ago is likely pretty far off from what you need today. We here at ZURB know that customer needs change. You told us that you’d l... Read Post

Using More Than One App? Here's How to Navigate

You're a smart person. You recognize that Notable, Solidify, Verify and Influence is a great way to handle your creative endeavors and collaborate. Say you're working in Solidify, but want to jump... Read Post

How to Sign Up for a Free Trial Account

More than a few times a week, we get inquiries from potential users on how to sign up for a 30-day trial of our applications. So often, in fact, that we've decided to make a screencast on the proce... Read Post

How to Use Solidify for Mobile Prototyping

We're back in the building, like a rapper, with another video in our "how to" series. In this installment, we're showing you how to quickly set up a prototype for mobile applications in Solidify. T... Read Post

So What Do All These Numbers Mean in Solidify, Anyway?

Sometimes too much information can be a little overwhelming and hard to interpret. What does "page exit" mean? How long were my testers on each page? Did they have trouble exiting? All these questi... Read Post

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