Influence Updates

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Influence Updates

Great Design Ideas Deserve Clear Feedback Subscribe via RSS.

Introducing Influence: Controlling How You Get Feedback from Clients and Teammates

We're excited to announce the private release of our newest app Influence — a quick way to present new design ideas for feedback, control the feedback you receive from clients and teammates, and make sense of all the feedback from one actionable summary.

Let's take a look at the three features of the app:

Simple Way to Upload Mockups Into a Presentation

Uploading mockups is as easy as 1, 2, 3. To get started, log onto Influence, then choose the device your mockups have been formatted to fit — such as "phone" like in the picture below.

Once you continue to the next screen, you can simply upload the mockups, screens, or slides to your presentation by clicking the "add screens" button. You can also choose the background color of your presentation.

Quickly Control How You Present and Receive Feedback

With Influence, you can choose whether you want people to leave feedback or if you just want to present your mockups to your teammates or clients. There are numerous ways you can get feedback with Influence:

  1. If you want to guide people through a few mockups over the phone without soliciting feedback, then you can throw up a few screens, share a private link with them, and control what they see on their screens as you talk to them. Check out this example.

  2. Maybe you don't want to get on the phone, but still want to get people's feedback on a few visual explorations. They can then give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on your mockups. If you want more detailed feedback, then you can let people leave a comment on each mockup after they give their "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." Check out this example.

  3. When it comes to your final wireframes, you might need some very detailed feedback. Well, in that case, you can give your clients or teammates some specific directions and allow them to annotate each mockup in your design presentation. Check out this example.

Collect, Review, and Iterate On Your Feedback

It's not easy to sort through dozens of notes and comments to figure out what people think about your mockups. With Influence, you'll be able to summarize all your thumbs up, annotations, and comments in one place. This handy little summary will help you filter quickly through the different types of feedback and help drive the design process forward.

The feedback summary helps you see a complete picture of all the feedback which allows you to easily integrate your feedback into your mockups or presentation.

We're letting early adopters in today to take the app for a spin and to get feedback from them. For now, sign up and we'll let you in soon! We look forward to hearing what you think of Influence!

Ronit (ZURB) says

Can you specify the differences between Influence and Notable?


Dmitry (ZURB) says

Sure. Influence is about presenting new design ideas to get feedback, Notable is a way to give detailed design feedback on interfaces.

David (ZURB) says

I'll have to wait to see this myself to see the difference between this and Notable.

Zurb Fan, Merms

Dmitry (ZURB) says

@David - Looking forward to hearing your feedback as you give both a try. As I mentioned earlier to Ron the two apps are quite different: Influence is designed to present designs and get feedback from clients, Notable is designed to give detailed interface feedback and iterate with your team.

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