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ZURB Apps helps you quickly design great products through rapid prototyping, iteration and user feedback.

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The service works without any hiccups, is easy to use, and clearly focused on giving a specific set of users the right tools to get the job done without being encumbered by lots of extra bells and whistles.

Frederic Lardinois

What if you could poll users about a new design, before you'd done the legwork required to put together the images, HTML, CSS and underlying code of a new site? Meet Verify, a user feedback platform that's based on screenshots.

Jason Kincaid

Verify helps website designers determine which parts of their sites are the most eye-catching by, well, asking users what they are.

Matthew Lynley

As much as I love annotation tools like LittleSnapper and OmniGraffle, those tools really aren't made for collaborating with others. Notable is.

Christine Warren

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