Design for People

ZURB interns aren’t here to do busy work. Instead, they work on real projects and gain a ton of experience. We’re looking for passionate individuals who are ready to improve their chops and learn fast. No job shadowing here!

At ZURB, interns are working alongside our team day-in and day-out, They become a ZURBian for 3 months, learning what it takes to design great products faster.

After just 3 months, I can confidently say that ZURB lays an amazing foundation for the scrappy, determined, persistent dreamers.Geoffrey Olegario, Former Design Intern

What are each of these focused on?

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Engineering Intern

As an Engineering Intern, you’ll get to expand your skills by working on some fun playground pieces and feeder apps. You’ll build your engineering muscles on our projects. We’ll challenge you to improve some of our existing properties on Rails so that they run smoother than ever before.


Design Intern

As ZURB’s Design Intern, you'll get to work on the front-end side of our apps, with projects ranging from designing marketing sites to building interactions. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with the Designers on client work, sketching out opportunities and wireframes, as well as creating visual designs and developing production code.


Marketing Intern

As the Marketing Intern, you’ll shape the voice and story of ZURB as you work with the Marketing team to reach out to bloggers, the press and customers. You’ll also play a huge role in building the ZURB audience through networking events and our Twitter account. And, hey, we’ll even get you to write some code!


A day in the life of a design intern

Interns are a part of the ZURB team, so they attend morning scrum and get their hands dirty with sketches.


  • Roll outta bed and throw on some clean clothes, or whatever isn’t too dirty from the laundry, and get ready for your awesome day at ZURB.


  • Scrum time. You'll give everyone the 411 on what you’ve got planned for the day.



  • Take a stretch break and grab a snack packed with either delicious sugar or protein — there are so many choices!


  • Done with your first round of sketches. Sync up with your sponsor to get some feedback!



  • Join the ZURB team at the table to grab a free lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (yes, you read that right FREE).


  • Hop into Dream Is Collapsing to work with a Design Lead on a top secret project.


  • Time to avoid that 2:30 feeling! Join the team in an afternoon coffee sprint to Starbucks and then settle back into some wireframing.


  • Wrap up your second round of changes and hop into Sexy Back to get more feedback.


  • If it's a Friday, it's almost time for Friday15!


  • Day's almost over. Time to jam through your projects.



  • Wow, it’s already time to go home…this day was one day closer in helping the team on their quest for world domination!

Available internships

Ready to learn from and work with the world’s best product design company?

We’re ready for you! Get ready for a great three months at ZURB and check out our list of internship opportunities. We value your work. That’s why all of our internships are paid.

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