Design for People

We’ve got the basics covered


We've got your healthcare covered … in case you get a LEGO in your eye.


We also take care of those eyes to make sure you can see every line of your code.


We provide dental coverage. Impress those clients with your sparkly whites!

Gettin’ Paypurr

  • Profit sharing

    We're a team of entrepreneurial-thinking workers. It's important to us that everyone sees the benefits of their hard work.

  • 3% contribution to your 401k

    All you have to do is say how much and we do the rest. We'll even contribute 3% of your salary at the end of the year!

  • Donation matching

    Doing your part? We'll do ours, too. Just show us a receipt to your favorite non-profit charity and we'll match it 100%!

Work hard. Play harder.

  • Time Off

    Over four weeks of personal and company time off. And if you're senior, you get up to 6 weeks of relaxation!

  • Flex time

    We also have flex time, so you can take care of things that come up now and again. What's dental coverage when you don't have time to get those teeth drilled?

  • Volunteering

    We want you to continue doing your part. That's why we've set aside volunteer hours to let you continue to help your community.

Where are The ZURBians Planning to go this year?
  • Heading to Singapore to see family! Jordan, Engineer

  • Going to enjoy the beaches of Barcelona. Jessica, Designer

  • Heading to this bustling metropolis in Ireland! John, Partner

  • Going to Portugal for my niece’s christening. Ines “Ibie”, Designer

  • Off to Europe for the first time with the fam. Alok, Designer

  • I’m going to Disneyland! Shawna, Team Coordinator

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

— Steve Jobs

We're constantly learning from one another. But a few outside resources never hurt:

Team Treehouse membership

Maybe you need a recap on code, or maybe you want to build an app. It's up to you!

Constantly growing library

Need a book? Just put it on the wish list and it'll be added to the ZURB library.

Stay connected wherever you are

  • Cell phone coverage

    You'll be talking, texting and surfing the web for free on the world's most reliable network.

  • A sweet setup

    A MacBookPro, Thunderbolt display, shiny new iPad (with 4G LTE), and an Aeron Chair look mighty fine next those sharpies and highlighters.

Om nom nom

— Your stomach

  • Catered lunches

    We get lunch brought in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from all kinds of delicious places.

  • Fully stocked cabinets

    We keep snack cabinets and the drink fridge stocked. Yeah, a lot of it's full of sugar, but we throw in a few healthy options. Cup Noodles is still a weakness for some of us though.

  • Lots of beer

    We love our beer at ZURB. That's why we have a whole shelf dedicated to them in our drink fridge. Grab one at the end of your day!

ZURBian Preferences

Here’s how we like our lunches:

  • Seafood
  • American
  • Asian
  • Healthy
  • Greek
  • Mexican

So fresh & so clean

Free dry cleaning

Hate ironing? We've taken the hard work out of putting on the snazzy dress shirt or blouse.

Free house cleaning

Yep, we think getting stuff done at home is just as important as getting stuff done in the office.

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.

— Buddha

The work we do and the team that surrounds us are what makes us excited to come to work every single day. That's why we've saved the best for last.

Challenging work

We believe that everyone has a brain to think — we make you use every last brain cell.


Some people go work for startups. At ZURB, you get to help start startups and teams that want to get stuff done.

Team outings

Sometimes the best way to bond is outside of work, which may include Giants games or trips to Great America.

Support system

Sure we throw you into the deep end, but we're always there to make sure you stay afloat and succeed!

A great team

It's fun to work on great projects, but it's even better to learn something new from a team member.

Fun work environment

You see this on other company websites, but we really are committed to making work fun. Every ZURBian receives a NERF gun.

Join the team

We have a few openings. Check them out on our talent page!